Check out our Library!


The Lincoln County Historical & Genealogical Society has a collection of published and unpublished historical reference and genealogical materials for Lincoln and surrounding counties. While our resources are limited, we are happy to provide assistance to anyone undertaking historical or genealogical research related to events or families of Lincoln County.



Unless restricted or protected by copyright conditions, photocopies of library material will be supplied for research purposes for a fee of 20 cents per page. A volunteer will photocopy the materials for you. 


Archival materials other than photographs may be photocopied at the discretion of the librarian. If permitted, researchers have the option of using a digital camera without flash to copy archival materials.


Researchers are advised that it is their responsibility, not the historical society’s, to obtain copyright clearance to publish or otherwise reproduce or distribute archival material.



The museum's library contains original newspapers for Lincoln County, donated genealogies for local families, historical photographs, local yearbooks, collection books of Lincoln County events, church records, and much more!

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